The 404 NOT FOUND I brand was set up in 2017 by Alena Feliksova, designer from St. Petersburg. The name of the brand is based on the philosophy of error. According to the designer, freedom is the ability to let yourself make mistakes. The characters in collection themes are always strong-willed, proud and noble. The beauty of the image, according to 404 NOT FOUND I, lies in these very qualities. Meanwhile, the brand only creates the opportunity to reflect this in clothing.

The brand's DNA includes hand painting and prints. You can acquire a T-shirt or other garment where the print will be hand-painted and therefore unique in each item. The prints reveal the collection theme from an ironic perspective. Using them, 404 NOT FOUND I responds to what's going on in the society with sarcasm and humour, as if playing with the audience.
The prints offer a manner of reasoning similar to your personal idea of things. Items like these carry a certain philosophy. It might be a slight irony over our mistakes, causing a smile and a pleasant feeling of love for the imperfections of life.

The 404 NOT FOUND I style is romantic grunge. To this style, there is an unconventional combination of items and textures, some roughness and protest in collection themes, sometimes a challenge, but all this goes together with romantic colours, feminine forms and soft fabrics.

For the most part, the brand uses a wide variety of fabric, predominantly natural cotton for hoodies and T-shirts, always concerned for the material to be skin-touch pleasant and comfortable for everyday life.

PHONE: +7 (921) 189-22-11
FACEBOOK: @404fashionbrand

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