The collections of 404 Not Found, a new fashion brand, romanticize the idea of freedom and embody it in the philosophy of error. If you can afford to make mistakes in life, you are a free person. A daring, courageous, aristocratic, sometimes wild, but equally romantic style of clothing offered by the young St. Petersburg brand was created for those who pursue freedom and willfulness as the meaning of life. The credo of 404 Not Found can be worded as: «Initially incorrect actions represent a conscious need for freedom».

The brand was created on the basis of the story from the novel Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlo de Laclos about the French aristocracy, their inherent vices, cruel games, cynicism and the denial of morality. In their interpretation of the classic story of love and betrayal, the creators of the brand embody the idea that breaking rules and correcting the mistakes made is a necessary stage before becoming a truly free person. After making a wrong choice, go one step back and correct the situation.

404 Not Found Creative Union:
Designer: Alyona Feliksova
Creative Director: Anton Rudzat

For more information, please contact the press service of 404 Not Found:
INSTAGRAM: @404notfound__official
FACEBOOK: @404fashionbrand

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